#5sos yo
[ mikhail ] • tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll because i can't control myself

Why is he so cute ☺️ x
first kiss


Calum: “Y/n come back here!” Calum shouted, chasing you around in the 5sos house. Calum was in a cuddly mood today and decided to cling onto you while you were taking a nap, this was pretty predictable of your best friend. As he lay down next to you, you jumped out of bed leaving Calum…


never before seen picture of michael clifford


who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got 6432 photos of your fav band member saved to your phone



so lets say that michael was sick and he was being needy so every .2 seconds he was moaning your name in agony and making grabby hands at you bc needy michael needs cuddles. and when you deny it he’ll fake cry and peek through his eyes to see if you’re buying it and then he’ll do it again and when…


I forget Calum has the blonde in his hair so every time I see a picture I just



michael is that guy who would constantly make fun of you like “that makeup makes you look like a man” or “that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth” but if anyone else dare say something like that to you he’d lose his shit and be like “what the fuck did you just say??? ill…