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Remember when C.A.L.M. didn’t just represent the abbreviations of the boys’ names together but also the entirety of the 5sosfam

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So I have no idea why but since I changed my URL to this one, lots of people haven’t been able to see my old material list so here’s a new one which will hopefully work! Please tell me if even this one does’t! :)

The ones with the ‘♦’ symbol in front of them are smut :) xxx


5SOS in Tiger Beat Magazine September 2014 -Kelly :) xx

5sos have a thing with socks


ok so it’s mainly Michael but



if 5sos don’t go see the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie i will be very disappointed


So today I was playing the 5sos album for my brother and he asked me “Who is the goth one?” He was talking about Michael. 

I was stuck between bursting out laughing and smacking him upside the head.

Anonymous asked: i just found your blog and iM IN LOVE WITH IT!!. if you are not busy could you do when you are just having a bad day and the boys notice it and try to cheer you up?



A/N: Hi babe, sorry this is late I’m a lazy piece of shit but yeah :) hope this is what you wanted.

Calum: Right so he walks into the lounge of your apartment and see’s you crying on the couch and he rushes over to you and hugs you, no questions asked. He’s a big cuddler so he scoops you into his arms and kisses your face and wipes away your tears. I feel like he’s not big on words and he would just hold you as close as possible and run his fingers up and down your back. After about half an hour of trying to get you to calm down he would ask what happened and you would tell them and start crying again and he would bury his face into your neck and say “oh baby, don’t worry, it’s gonna be better soon.” and HE’S SUCH A PUPPY DOG UGH


Ashton: Ok, I feel like Ash would talk a lot but he’s not good at finding the right words to say (I mean, c’mon you see him in interviews) and he would always try to comfort you and screw up a bit and then his face would flush like instead of saying “I think you’re beautiful.” he’d say “Beautiful you think I.” and then he would get really embarrassed but he would have gotten you to laugh and that was enough to make him feel like had accomplished something. Eventually he would give up on trying to comfort you and just hold you and say “I love you.” over and over again because those were the words he could get right.


Luke: He would be the most awkward little shit about it. He would really want to comfort you and make you feel better but he wouldn’t even know where to begin. So he would eventually sit next to you and engulf you in a hug and you would start rambling about what was going on and he would listen and kiss your hair and run his hands through it and when you were done you would be gasping for air and he would have to calm you down and when you did he would just hold you really tight and kiss you and say it was going to be alright and that he had to and he would help you FUCK IM SAD NOW :(


Michael: He would immediately ask what was going on and if someone hurt your feelings or if he did something wrong and it would be a big old mess because he would start ranting about it had to be something he had done and that he was sorry and you would tell him it wasn’t him and he’d let out a big breath and then he would ask what and you would tell him and start crying again and he would rush over to you and kiss all over your face and whisper “oh no no no, baby they aren’t worth your tears. Please, smile for me sweetheart.” and he would kiss you and tickle you until you cracked a smile and he would smile back and be such a cuddly giant and his hair would tickle you and FUCK I WANT THIS KITTEN TO CUDDLE ME RIGHT NOW THIS ISNT FAIR


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